Author Interview – Amelia Foster

Hi, Amelia! Thanks so much for joining me for this interview! Can you tell us about your newest release?

My latest release has been the box set of the first three books in my Meant To Be series and I’ve just typed “The End” on the final book in the series. It has been such a bittersweet process because I’ve spent the past two years immersed in the world of my Carlisle boys and closing out their stories has been both amazing and a little scary to get to know some new characters.

I love my characters too! And even in my favorite reads, I miss them so much when I’ve come to the end. It’s almost like having to separate from that bit of yourself you’ve joined with them. Do any of your characters mirror some of your own quirks?

I project terribly on most of my characters. Almost all of them
get some of me from attempting to fix all the issues for their loved ones, to
copious amounts of uncertainty, to feelings of inferiority.

I relate on so many levels to the need to fix. I work in Human Resources and I write, so some might call it a passion. What’s your biggest passion as an author? What, if any, message do you wish your readers to walk away with after diving into your work?

One thing I try to really display in my writing is consent. It’s
so important that my characters don’t lose the importance of consent while they
are in a heated, passionate moment. And, also, that they don’t ignore the
importance of emphatic, sober consent. So, no drunken hook-ups. Slightly tipsy…
maybe, but cognizant and wanted.

Consent is SUCH a key issue and so important in the world right now. That kind of realness mixed with hope and joy can go so far!

The real world is yucky, so HEA’s are a MUST for all my characters. This may often include puppies. Maybe. Possibly. Probably.

I love it! And I love that safety net of knowing the mood of an ending, but not the story itself. What is the first story you remember writing?

When I was in Kindergarten I wrote and illustrated (very, very poorly) a book about camping with my cousin and finding a random dog.

So, the puppy love is a long-time inspiration! Too cute! What else inspired you to start writing? To continue?

To start it was simply my love of reading.  To continue it was a lot of perseverance and dedication, mostly aided and encouraged by my writing tribe. Those ladies have been my constant source of support.

Writer friends are essential for my writing process too! Tell me about your writing process.

My writing process is very much like me: completely random. I’ll go through days where I write NOTHING and have no brain space for it. Then I’ll have days where I can’t turn it off and the words pour out. I tend to do the best with silence around me though, occasionally music.

Music is such an important part of writing for me. That and my atmosphere. It seeps into the words. Where were you when your current story idea came to mind?

Most of my ideas have popped into my head while I’m driving. I tend to drive with the radio off and lose myself in my fictional world.

Getting lost in thought can be an amazing way to explore your writing world. How much do you value your free time and what do you choose to do with it?

In addition to writing I am a book blogger, so I tend to spend most of my non writing time reading for my blog and reading for learning purposes. Since I am fortunate enough to have an amazing group of writers surrounding me, I am treated with delicious words as a beta reader which is definitely on the pleasure side of reading for me.

I can't think of a better way to spend free time! Supporting fellow authors and learning about your craft, AND getting to read amazing stories! I've no doubt that is why your stories are so impactful! Thanks so much for joining me today, Amelia! I’m so excited your Meant to Be series is now available in a beautiful boxset and on Kindle Unlimited!