New Book Release

BENEATH THE LACE is finally here! It’s release day! I’m so excited to share it with you! I hope you love my new crew of friends and family!!!


Jocelyn (J.C.) Whitley never dreamed of being a bride. She dreamed of dressing them. She dreamed of working alongside her best friend, Toby, and building a brand that would set the fashion world on fire. Nevin entering her life, in all his perfect-suit filled charm, is the irresistible distraction she knows she doesn’t need.

Only she can’t shake him. Even as she hits new heights at work, she’s drawn back to him again and again. The problem is, she and Toby had sworn off love. At least romantic love, anyway. Who needed a happily-ever-after when forever always found a way to end? But when Toby settles down with his husband, and leans into the traditional life she’s always avoided, she’s forced to reflect on what love means to her and how family is built and grown largely on choice, on heart, and a whole lot of hope.

Join J.C. and Nevin, along with Toby and Simon, as they grow their careers, their hearts, and their family in ways they could’ve never imagined!

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