Purple Skies and Fireflies

She sits with me today, heavy on my mind.  Her spirit giving a constant cackle as I struggle to do my work, her work, for the job we created together that I now face alone.

I do not know that I envy her world over mine.  For I love life and she has left hers behind.  But I do envy the place she now resides.  Pain free, gilded with laughter.  Where purple skies and fireflies do not whisper the empty promises of fairy tales but the contrite truths of life well-lived, the fiery confidences of seeing from well above.

Her day is now one of certainty.  Mine still reeks of choice so frequently I turn my nose up to see if she has sent the wind, carrying the stench of indecision, alerting me to the same fallacies she used to disprove here on earth.

It may very well be all imagined, my friendship from the depths beyond.  But the purple skies and dragonflies are real.  And in them, I will always believe.