If I Could Write The White House

As I tried to explain the importance of today’s events—women uniting around the world—to my daughter’s young and eager ears, I found myself overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed with gratitude for the strong women that raised me and for the strong woman I know she will become.  Though I do not consider myself a poet, as a writer—a mother—a woman, this is what I hope and pray for today and beyond.


If I Could Write The White House


If I could write The White House
What stories I would tell
Of reigning kings and dancing queens
Behind its hidden veil


Will we ever know it
The truth amidst the lies
The humanity that’s stolen
The humanity devised


On this day of women
Our message must be clear
Not to hate and to divide
But to honor and revere


Those that walked before us
On this rocky path
Demanding our allegiance
To never going back


To a time when we were silenced
To a time when we were called
To sit in a corner like a baby
Pushed up against the wall


We may never share one mind
Our diversity our strength
But for all mankind we must convey
Our courage and our faith


In a broken system
That only we can change
With voices louder than the silence
That echoes back in spades


For someday I’ll write The White House
And oh the stories I will tell
Of reigning queens and dancing kings
Behind its hidden veil


  • Taralynn Moore 1/21/17